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Are you in need of mobile home HVAC installation or repair work? Kaw Valley Heating and Cooling offers HVAC services for mobile homes and prefabricated houses in Lawrence & Topeka, Kansas. Our team combines technical know-how with years of experience working with all types of HVAC systems.

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3 things you need to know about mobile home HVAC systems

3 things you need to know about mobile home HVAC systems

Do you live in a mobile home or a prefabricated house? Your HVAC system has special needs. Keep in mind that:

  1. Not just any HVAC system will do the job. Mobile and manufactured homes require pre-approved systems.
  2. Not many HVAC contractors are willing to work on mobile homes and prefab houses. 
  3. Few HVAC technicians have experience working with these types of systems.

At Kaw Valley Heating and Cooling, our HVAC contractors not only work on prefab and mobile home HVAC systems, we specialize in them.

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